September 20, 2022
Wag the Vote | Dog Edition #64

If dogs could vote, they would! Dogs and politics can go hand in hand, in the most unexpected ways.

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When it comes to voting, we believe that you should be the person your dog believes you are! This episode focuses on the myriad of connections between dogs and politics.

Can dogs secure elections? Encourage voter registration? Join a congressional session? Even avert a nuclear war? Almost anything is possible with man’s best friend.

In this episode, we introduce our #wagthevote campaign. It is our dog-centric, non-partisan campaign dedicated to encouraging voter participation. Vote! Your dog thinks it’s the right thing to do!

For more please visit the official Wag The Vote website:

About Andrew Hager

Andrew Hager has been historian-in-residence at the Presidential Pet Museum since 2017. Prior to that, he spent a decade teaching middle school social studies for Baltimore County Public Schools. He graduated from Towson University with an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Master’s in the Art of Teaching. Andrew understands firsthand the power of a canine companion. He is legally blind and travels with a black Labrador Retriever guide dog named Sammy. Andrew also has two cats, a fish, and a fluffy mixed-breed rescue dog named Emmy.

About Rob Schwarts

Rob is the Chair of the newly-formed TBWA NEW YORK GROUP and the man behind Dog Lovers for Joe voting project in 2017. Rob was recognized as ThinkLA’s “Leader of the Year” and is considered one of Adweek’s “25 Voices to Follow in Social Media.” When he’s not working or tweeting, you’ll find him hanging out with Betsy, his wife of 25+ years. And walking their black Labrador, Pepper around Washington Square Park.

Daniel Holt

Dan is the Assistant Historian at the U.S. Senate Historical Office. He earned a Ph.D. in history in 2008 from the University of Virginia, where his studies focused on U.S. political, legal, and financial history. At the Senate Dan’s responsibilities include creating online features, documentary editing, conducting oral histories with Senators and former staff, giving talks and tours at the Capitol, and answering questions from the public about the Senate’s institutional development and its historical role in the American political system.

Robert Kahn

Columnist for the Courthouse News.

Erika Herrmann & Shari Aronson

Co-Creators of the Wag The Vote campaign created for Citizen University's Joy of Voting project in 2017.

Episode Links

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