January 17, 2023
Weird Dog Anatomy | Dog Edition #80

Why are dog noses so wet? And why do some have floppy ears and others perky ears? Join us for a tour of your dog’s anatomy from nose to tail!

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If you take a look at your dog, it’s not always clear what its body parts are used for. Sure, eyes are for seeing, ears are for hearing––but why is a dog's nose wet? And why do some of them have floppy ears? Dogs have an extra set of front claws that don’t even touch the ground. What do those do? And as for anal glands … why in the world do they need to be expressed?

In this episode, Jim and Clare shrink down to the size of a flea and take an exciting tour of your dog’s body. A panel of experts joins our hosts to make heads or tails of serrated lips, corkscrew tails, and carpal pads. Buckle up … things are getting messy.


Dr. Maggie Brown-Bury is a relief veterinarian and member of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Beth Turner is a veterinarian with over 20 years' experience. She is a contributor to preventativevet.com and serves as the organization’s media representative.

Episode Links:

When the Nose Doesn’t Know science study that included more information about your dogs nose and includes diagrams of the Jacobson organ (aka the vomeronasal organ) and the olfactory system

Dog Edition #61 Dog Myths Debunked


0:00 Introduction

2:15 The Nose

9:20 The Jacobson Organ

11:54 Whiskers

13:40 Why Do Some Dogs Have Floppy Ears?

17:04 Serrated Lips

20:10 Carpal Pads

23:02 Dew Claws

27:02 Anal Glands

29:33 Tails

31:00 Outro

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