December 27, 2022
Dog Edition's Year in Review 2022 | Dog Edition #78

2022 has been quite the year here at DPN. In this episode, we take a look back at episodes and accomplishments and look forward to the future of Dog Edition.

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As we are gearing up to enter 2023, we wanted to share some of our favorite moments of 2022. And there are many, so it was hard to fit them all into one show! In this episode, we share some of our favorite moments, exceptional guests, and of course, incredible dog “tails” from this past year.

Episode Links

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Dog Edition #65 The Queen’s Corgis: An 89-Year Love Affair

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Dog Edition #56 Sniffing Out Truffles and Other Treasures

Dog Edition #55 The Lost Dogs of War in Ukraine

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Dog Edition #61 Dog Myths Debunked

This episode is sponsored in part by EverPup and BarkBox.


0:00 Introduction

4:16 Loss of Icons in 2022

13:22 Dream Guests for 2022

14:55 Truffle Dogs

18:30 Ash Recovery Dogs

21:45 Lost Dogs of Ukraine

25:48 Bloopers

27:53 Future of Dog Podcast Network

29:59 Outro

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